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Our Mission and Purpose

The primary purpose of the Siesta Animal Exhibition Center is:

The primary purpose and mission of the Siesta Court Animal Exhibition Center is:

  • To provide access and contact to exotic cats through exhibition, outreach, and teaching

The secondary missions are:

  • To provide the best home and care we can for exotic and hybrid exotic animals in our facility.
  • To provide a safe, non-stressful transition for research animals already in California to a supportive and caring environment
  • To improve the fate of exotic cats worldwide by teaching people about the plight of exotic cats, including in the wild, in research, and in captivity, and how they can help through their behavior, actions, and support of programs, facilities, and regulations worldwide to protect exotic cats.

Our Licensing

The Siesta Animal Annex and Exhibition center is licensed by the San Mateo Animal Licensing for exotic cats, is regulated by the Calif. Fish and Game as a research facility, and is registered with the USDA as a research facility. For exhibition, licensing is pending with the USDA and California Fish and Game.

Our Hours

The Siesta Animal Annex and Exhibition center is available for exhibition to classes or groups, generally with a several week notice.

The site may is open 9 am to 1 pm on Weekdays, and 9 am to 5 pm on weekends. Please contact us in advance to ensure the animals are available for viewing, at

Our Animals

We currently house, care for, and exhibit three exotic animals, and one domestic cat.

  • Jabari. An african serval, currently retiring from non-invasive animal research. He will retire to the Annex.

Jabari the Serval
  • Zabu. An african serval first-generation hybrid. He suffers from a seizure disorder, and is care for at our facility.







  • Friend. An asian leopard cat hybrid. He is the oldest exotic at our facility, and has been here 6 years.




Learn About Our Animals

 Learn About Servals



the Serval
Jabari the Serval

About Jabari "Jaba" the Serval
Jabari is a Serval (Leptailurus serval). He is leaner and more social, and he is projected to weigh 24 lbs.

Is a Serval a Regular Domestic Cat?
Answer: Yes and No. Servals are in the Cat family, but are not considered domestic cats. Their behavior allows them to be domesticated.

Read about servals on wikipedia, at

Zaboomafu "Zabu" the F1 Savannah






About Zabu

Zabu is a 5 year old F-1 Savannah, who is mostly African Serval (Leptailurus serval) and partly a wild/domestic hybrid. He weighs 20 lbs, though some F-1's weigh 35 lbs, or more.

Are Jaba and Zabu Safe and Legal?

Yes they is safe. Unlike large cats (lions, leopards), Servals and Savannahs are easily domesticated, and can be legal in most states (including California). Zabu and Jabari were both bottle fed as kittens, so they treat humans like family.

Hybrid Cat Laws

So, What is a Serval/Savannah Hybrid?

All cats, large and small, are in the biological family Felidae, However, house cats are in the genus Felis, while Servals are in the genus Leptailurus (see cat evolutionary tree at page bottom). This means that Servals are closer to cheetahs and lynx than they are to house cats! Servals can mate with certain domestic cats, to produce a domesticated hybrid called a Savannah. Savannahs have much of the size and coloring of a Serval, but behave more like domesticated cats.

See a black serval on YouTube:

Learn about Servals and other Exotic Cats at:

What do Zabu's Parents Look Like?

Zabu's Dad, a pure Serval named Hunter weighs in at 34 Lbs, lives in Oregon, and is shown below.



"Friend" the Bengal Hybrid


About Friend

Friend is a 2-year-old Bengal, which is an Asian Leopard Cat (Felis bengalensis) mixed with some Abyssinian & Tabby domestic cat. They are sometimes also called Spotted Tabby Bengals.

Is a Bengal a Regular Domestic Cat?
Answer: Sometimes.

Is he Safe and Legal?

Yes he is safe. Unlike large cats (lions, leopards), Bengals are easily domesticated, and legal in most states (including California. Friend is more social and less afraid of noise and crowds than regular cats.

Hybrid Cat Laws

So, What is a Bengal?

Bengals and Domestic Cats are share the same biological family (Family: Felidae) and also the same genus (Genus Felis). However, Asian Leopard Cats are a different species (Felis bengalensis) than domestic cats (Felis domesticus) , but 5 generations after cross-breeding with Domestic cats, the progeny are considered domestic.
(see cat evolutionary tree at page bottom),

What do Friend's Parents Look Like?

Friend's Dad, a beautiful animal, is shown below:

In 2005, Friend's Breeder was picked as Bengal Breeder of the Year.


Other Great Cats we had once, but are NOT forgotten:

Nugget, Jr.

(Click here to see Nugget's Abyssinian Breeder ---
Cedarwood cattery)



Speedy is just an ordinary cat. But don't be fooled, Speedy is no ordinary cat.

         Cat Evolutionary Tree:

             See how Servals, Asian Leopard Cats, and domestic cats are related:           


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